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Whether you are a recent bootcamp graduate looking to break into the industry, or an experienced designer seeking a new role, UX Jetpack provides all the resources you need to kickstart your career.

With years of product design experience, Ryan Yao has seen both sides of hiring. He has worked with 100+ designers to help them secure a job and has interviewed dozens to find the perfect candidate for his company. He has prepared everything you need to know.

What designers say about mentoring by Ryan

"Ryan is a great mentor and listener. He was very open to sharing his own journey in job hunting as an introvert, and it really encouraged me to keep going. He shared useful resources and tips, and gave me constructive feedback on my portfolio. I highly recommend junior designers to speak to him!"

Daphne Chao
Daphne Chao
Junior Product Designer at Careteam Technologies

I had a great time chatting with Ryan! He's thoughtful and kind. It's great to know more about the UX design scene in North America and the general industry and opportunities available. I also appreciate that he shared his own experience working with a remote team, and gave me lots of practical tips on fostering effective communication within the team. I look forward to booking another session with him!

Sonya Shi
Sonya Shi
COO/Co-Founder at Kontech Insights

Ryan is an awesome mentor! We spoke about his journey into the world of product design and I really resonated with his journey. He offered great feedback and advice on portfolios and is dedicated to helping others whether it is career advice or tips to break into the industry.

Khoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen
Principle Product Designer at Khoithefish

Ryan was extremely helpful and patient with the entire reviewing session. He gave me a lot of valuable and actionable feedback for my portfolio, and discussing it with him helped me a learn a lot more about my approach towards design and my portfolio. There was a lot of learning to take back from this session and he also sent over an extensive list of resources for me to learn from. I would highly recommend other designers to book a session with Ryan!

Chahat Premprakashi
Chahat Premprakashi
Product Designer at Toddle

Ryan created the space for me to share about my career transition to UX, and provided thoughtful advice and feedback on how I can navigate next steps forward. He also sent me some great resources. I would highly recommend booking time with Ryan if you are looking to transition to or work in design!

Makena Kigunda
Makena Kigunda
Digital Strategy Consultant at MNP Digital

Ryan was very thoughtful and patient as shared some of my work with him. His feedback was helpful in that he told me to reflect on my speaking points and my slide points, and finding ways to complement both so that I can keep people engaged in my presentation. Thank you Ryan for your time. I look forward to connecting with you again.

Karishma Shetty
Karishma Shetty
UX Researcher

Ryan was super helpful and generous with his time and feedback. As a new grad, I struggled so much with my interviews. Ryan talked about his own career trajectory and showed great empathy toward my experience. He taught me a very useful framework to approach common interview questions and showed me examples of how he would answer those questions. I'm very grateful for his sharing, it was a great experience talking with him.

Junyu Shen
Junyu Shen
Product Designer at F. Schumacher & Co.

I enjoyed my session with Ryan. He had advice for getting started and reviewed his own process with me. He also offered to put together a useful list of resources to learn more about the field, which was kind of him. I can tell that Ryan really cares about the people he mentors and recommend talking with him.

Sadie Forrester
Sadie Forrester
Implementation Project Manager at Signant Health

Ryan was able to actively read through my portfolio and provide constructive feedback and what I can improve. Thankfully I've asked his background and design journey as well and Ryan was able to provide me some insights how the market is and what to expect. It was also encouraging to know what I need to work on and I can still pursue this career as a junior designer. Patience is key.

Ray Ho
Ray Ho
Product Designer

“Ryan is an awesome mentor! He was very open to sharing his design journey and insights into his current working process. He took extra time to go through my portfolio, giving me a lot of actionable feedback and tips. It was really wonderful to to learn from him. He also had amazing resources to share. I would definitely recommend him to any designer!”

Micha Baltman
Micha Baltman
Product Designer at Greenhouse

“I was a bit nervous to talk with Ryan as this was my first mentor session ever, but he was so kind and encouraging. He had a way of listening that made me feel like I was being heard. He also gave me some great advice and helped me think through some of my next steps. I am grateful for the time he spent with me, and look forward to continuing this relationship!”

Kefei Zhang
Kefei Zhang
UX/UI Designer at Koolhaus Games

“Ryan is a highly motivated mentor with extensive experience in the startup industry. He is well-equipped to assist in comprehending the complete design process. His mentorship can be invaluable in this regard, as he took the time to understand my design process and provided valuable pointers on improving my profile. Learning from him can be an enriching experience.”

Vaibhavi Patankar
Vaibhavi Patankar
UX/UI Designer and Researcher

What you can learn in this course (beta)

Module 0: Course Introduction

1. How to use Circle community to support your learning?
2. What can you learn in this course?

Module 1: Understanding the market

1. What kind of jobs are out there?
2. What are companies looking for?

Module 2: Keeping yourself focused

1. How to maintain motivation?
2. How to manage your time?
3. How to navigate financial hardship?

Module 3: Designing your portfolio and resume

1. How to use the resume to showcase yourself best
2. Resume Review
3. What’s a good structure for your case studies?
4. What if you don’t have enough projects?
5. What are good portfolio platforms?
6. Portfolio Review

Module 4: Finding jobs you enjoy doing

1. How do you figure out your passion?
2. Where do you find those jobs?

Module 5: Networking your way to the job

1. Why do we networking?
2. Different ways of networking
3. How to make networking work for you?

Module 6: Acing that interview

1. What’s a general interview process?
2. How to present your portfolio?
3. How to solve a whiteboard challenge?
4. How to critique an app?
5. How to tackle a design challenge?

Module 7: Negotiating the offer you deserve

1. How to pick the company that’s right for you?
2. How to figure out your worth?
3. What are some negotiating tactics?

Module 8: Setting yourself up for the new job

1. How to build a good relationship with your teammates?
2. How to set yourself up in the first month?

And so much more!

Weekly group coaching, community of likeminded designers, written feedback in community, regular events with industry professionals, 1:1 mentoring with Ryan (Add on)